After some very enjoyable years working with my Uncle Vic as a self-taught IT Manager, this part of my career was over. Uncle Vic had sold his black book to a larger firm in London and after a short stint of being self-employed, I decided to go and find another job.

Uncle Vic knew Gareth from BCS and I had sent a couple of emails to him. He finally agreed to see me and I aced the interview; my start date was April the 1st 2007. Yes, April Fool’s Day! To this date, the gaffer still claims I was taken on as part of a special programme, but personally speaking, BCS have done alright out of me so far!

I joined BCS thinking I knew it all, when in fact I didn’t know a lot. Quickly, the experience of working with BCS back then, with Dean and Dan who are still with us, hugely increased my skill set.

BCS made a big change in 2007 and we moved to Managed Services. Before this, we relied on business computers to break so we could clock on to a ticket. Well I say a ticket back then; it was a job sheet and we would repair the issue remotely. Samantha would then send the customer a bill.

George, who left BCS due to family commitments and moving abroad, convinced Gareth that ‘Managed Services’ was the way forward, where we provide an ‘all you can eat’ package for our customers. This changed BCS forever, so we will always be super grateful to George for this.

We moved from a house in Ramsgate (where there was just a few employees you could count on your hands) to temporary offices at Manston Airport, while Gareth went on a hunt for some industrial office space with a vision. We had invested in some tools to modernise the systems and we just awaited our new home. Gareth found it on Haine Road Industrial Estate and boy was it a new home. There was even room for a man cave, where my caravan, boat and motorbike now live!

We moved to Haine Road Industrial Estate in June, 2013. This is when BCS really made strides in becoming the professional outlet we wanted to become. We have grown, evolved, chopped and changed the way we work, to get our processes fine-tuned and I truly believe we are really getting there now. We’ve lost and gained some people along the way, but I feel at ten years this month of being part of the BCS family, we are entering the next stage which I’m excited to be a part of; working with the great team around me.

Got to go… I’m just pulling into St Pancras to meet with one of my customers about opening a new London Office. Great sunny day for a walk thru the city! Here’s to the next 10 years….

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