14 Top Tips on How Best To Utilise Social Media Within Your Marketing

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14 Top Tips 17.08.2016

Social media has increasingly become the significant driving force in marketing. So, the question is, how do organisations make the most effective use of this very important tool?

Here are our 14 top tips on how best to utilise social media within your marketing:

  1. Post regularly – The more your audience hears from you, the more trust your organisation gains. Content posted on a regular basis shows you are a committed organisation.
  2. Provide relevant content – Engaging and interesting content, that fits in with your industry and organisation is vital. This ensures your audience will read, share and talk about your content.
  3. Post unique content – If you want to stand out on social media, your content needs to be unique to your organisation. Spending a decent amount of time on creating relevant content, weekly, is worth it. Research and create relevant content, including blog posts.
  4. Share and retweet on Twitter – This is a great way to widen your audience and by sharing other brands / organisations content, it shows your organisation is committed to sharing relevant information.
  5. Answer questions – Respond to questions and help your audience out. This will show not only that your organisation is committed to helping people, but it also shows you as an expert within your industry.
  6. Always use images on Twitter – Use images to your advantage, as tweets with images get better engagement rates than tweets that only use text.
  7. Make use of #hashtags in all relevant social media platforms – You can research trending hashtags and follow existing trends.
  8. Spend time on your social media platforms – Spending a decent amount of time on maintaining your social media platforms, weekly, is essential. From uploading recent photographs to checking your links are still active, ensures your audience will love your content.
  9. Schedule your content – There are so many tools available now, which enables you to schedule your content a week in advance. This ensures you can schedule content, up to 5 times a day. A good free platform you can use is called Buffer.
  10. Create and use videos – Videos are getting more popular all the time on social media. You can create a video from your iPhone for free or spend a good amount of money on getting a professional video made. Either way, videos showcasing staff members and products & services for example, will engage your audience.
  11. Create your own social images – There are so many free tools available to create your own branded social images. Check out Adobe Spark.
  12. Encourage employee engagement – The people who work for you are among your best endorsers. Ensure they are aware of your social media platforms and encourage them to share your content. Be aware of social media policies regarding staff members beforehand.
  13. Be an expert within your industry – Position yourself as an expert within your industry and post content that reflects your knowledge and commitment to being the best teacher in your industry.
  14. Stick to what you know with to start – There are so many social media platforms available and it can be confusing sometimes. With some research into your industry, you can see which social media platforms are right for your organisation. Once you know which ones you want to use, concentrate on them.


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