4 steps to holding an amazing online meeting!
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Nice to meet you…

It can sometimes be taken for granted, but it is still important to keep up appearances when participating in an online meeting. A handful of steps can keep your meeting etiquette up to scratch and prevent any unwanted issues. Here’s our four tips to successful online meetings.

1 – Location, Location, Location – Make sure you’re in a well lit space, that is comfortable to be in, and that still allows for some level of professionalism. Despite being able to adjust your background with many meeting tools, you still want to make sure you have a sensible space to work in and conduct meetings from.

2 – Sound & Vision – Always check your device settings beforehand as they can and will inevitably fail or cause you issue. Confirming things work prior to starting a meeting saves time and embarrassment trying to salvage your setup mid-meeting. With the advent of blurred and custom backgrounds, you have more leeway when it comes to where you position yourself.

3 – Attendee management – Tools such as Teams allow you to maintain control over who is in your meeting and how they interact with participants. If you are a meeting organiser, and your attendee count is above 4-5, you need to make sure can maintain order. You’ll have the ability to mute participants, as well as add/remove attendees. It’s important as well to verbally agree some ground rules, as otherwise you may end up with a free for all of people talking over each other.

4 – Make it interactive – Involving participants in your meeting in an exciting way can help maintain interest in the discussion. Again, if you’re using Teams, you’ll have access to a wide range of fun items, as well as an expansive list of additional plugins.

With the frequency at which online meetings are being held at present, a small bit of care can make your meeting standout amongst the rest! If you have any questions or queries about how to conduct a successful online meeting, you can reach us via telephone on 01843 572 600 or alternatively, you can email hello@bcs365.co.uk.