There are so many benefits to writing a blog for your business or organisation. Blogging should now be part of the everyday marketing activities, providing much wanted content for consumers. The fact is if you don’t blog, your competitors will be and probably are already.

If you looking for blog post ideas and would you like some direction to inspire your blog posts, here is our 5-part formula for creating winning content:

  1. Use a catchy headline: Don’t be shy with your headline. It stands between your content and the click that gets it read. Generate lots of ideas and avoid jargon – aim for complete clarity.
  2. Think about the first sentence: Use this sentence to keep your reader engaged. Try drawing your audience into a story, build suspense and pull your reader down the page, until the end!
  3. Be confident with your content: Creating confident content is not only providing what your audience want, but it also shows you as a friendly expert. You will receive brownie points in bucket loads for this!
  4. Use sub headings: This is a great way of breaking your content down, into bite size portions for your audience to read. It also helps you to work out your contents structure, before you write your content.
  5. Call to actions: Your call to action simply asks your audience to take the next step. This is where your organisation benefits from all your created and published content. Whether it is a link to your website, an option for your audience to call your organisation or to simply fill out a contact form, a call to action is vital!


Did you find this information useful? Download or print out our PDF – it may come in handy! The 5 Part Formula for Creating Winning Content

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