The 6 B’s of Blogging

Do you hear the word blogging and run for the hills? No idea where to begin with blogging? Look no further…we are here to help!

There are so many benefits to writing a blog for your business or organisation. Blogging should now be part of the everyday marketing activities, providing much wanted content for consumers. The fact is if you don’t blog, your competitors will be and probably are already.


Here are the 6 B’s of blogging, to guide you in the right direction and hopefully, inspire you to start blogging:

Be Useful: Providing useful content for your audience is a must. Writing useful blog posts will show you as an industry leader and your audience will love you for it. People love lists; the top 9 or top 7 tips on how to… is a great read!

Spending quality time on one decent blog post is better than rushing to write three mediocre blog posts. Easy to say I know, but in the long run it’s worth it! Creating useful and relevant content, which can be re-used in more blog posts, magazines and brochures is the best way to build up your stockpile of content. The more content you create, the more you can use in the long run. Content can be turned into eBooks, new blog posts, articles in in house magazines and brochures, the sky is the limit!

Be Generous: One of the easiest ways to grow your blog is to be generous by promoting other people, businesses and organisations. When you promote others, they will promote you. It’s simply good business!

Also, this may sound crazy, but being generous and giving your best stuff away works! By providing useful content in your blog posts, people will keep coming back for more; you can even include downloadable PDF’s as a call to action. A call to action (usually abbreviated as CTA) is an image or line of text that prompts your visitors to act. It is, quite literally, a ‘call’ to take an ‘action.’ The action you want people to take could be anything from downloading an eBook, sign up for a webinar, get a coupon, attend an event, the list is endless! A call to action can be placed anywhere within your marketing; on your website, in an eBook, in an email, or at the end of a blog post.

Be Timely: Look through your calendar for the year ahead and see what is coming up, that may tie into your organisation. National days, celebrations, events and more! Make a note of these dates and make sure some noise is made on the relevant dates. You can search on Google or social media sites for ‘trends’: basically, what is popular now. There’s some weird and wonderful things happening!

Your audience like to read lots of content, so providing them with this will only make them love you more!

Be Human: Your blog posts should be written, with the personality of your organisation or business. Asking staff members to write blog posts is a good idea; they live and breathe your organisation every day! Showcasing areas of your organisation ‘humanises’ it and provides that ‘trust’ factor, for existing customers, prospects and followers.

You can start with answering existing customer questions, write about staff members, upcoming events, charity events, community related projects and publish case studies & testimonials. Here’s some ideas to get you started!

Be Promotional: Some organisations use their blogs in a promotional way. This can work very well for the right company. For example, you could create a post that compares the features and benefits of your product, to competitive solutions.

No one likes to be sold to, in person or online, so be careful not to come across as selling. For example, if you sell kitchen tiles and have a new, super range in, you could write a blog about how these tiles are going to benefit people’s kitchen; provide the ‘why’ your audience wants.

Be Engaging:  An engaged audience is one that will listen to you and follow what your organisation does. If you’re going to put the effort into creating some beautiful content, one of your goals must be to make it engaging. Why? Well, you’re giving your audience what they want and they will come back for more. They will love you for it!

Creating confident content is not only providing what your audience want, but it also shows you as a friendly expert. You will receive brownie points in bucket loads for this!


Away you go!


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