Comedian * Actor * Dog Walker * Parent * Sometimes on your telly * Full set of original  teeth*   Left Handed * Veggie * Born in Manchester * Mates with Peter Kay & Dave Spikey 

Justin Moorhouse is coming to Margate and we are so excited! The Theatre Royal, Margate are hosting this fantastic evening on Thursday, 17th September 2015, which we have booked the Royal Circle for. We are looking forward to more laughter, catching up with people and meeting new friends.

Born in Manchester in 1970, Justin Moorhouse is a loveable Northerner, who happens to make people laugh so much, your ribs hurt! Warm, compelling and greatly entertaining, his qualities are of the everyman, average dad, comfortable marital strife and childminding. Most of you will recognise Justin Moorhouse as a well-known face on television, appearing in the classic series ‘Phoenix Nights’ as Young Kenny (below) and in Ken Loach’s film ‘Looking for Eric.’

We can’t wait! Full details of the event can be found on the Theatre Royal website.  

“With laddish exuberance and an everyman persona, Justin Moorhouse can charm any room” – York Press

“Justin demonstrates an astute awareness of his demographic, connecting brilliantly with a high percentage of parents” – Newcastle Stand

“Expect buckets of laughs and dollops of fun from this genuine master of the craft” – The Chortle