In July 2015, we launched our BCS Learning Zone. We believe in providing our clients the whole package here at Business Computer Solutions. Up to two delegates from each organisation we look after can attend ANY scheduled workshop (subject to availability).

The feedback we are receiving is fantastic and some of our lovely customers have kindly provided written testimonials of their experience. This one is from Sam at Silent Gliss:

“Having attended two Learning Zone workshops, I will definitely do more. These courses prove that you can never know everything about the software you use, there is always some new hints and tips you can pick up that make a big difference in how you do things.

We are all guilty of doing things the same way because that’s what we learnt first. We never really have time to sit and wonder if there is a better and quicker way to do it. I have found on both of my courses that it gives me the time and space to re-visit how I work and look for more efficient ways of doing it. Both times I have come away with a number of new methods of using software that I now use on a regular basis. Who’d have thought that something as simple as knowing how to ‘Square Format’ an image in Word could save me so much time and frustration.

The groups are small enough to be able to ask specific questions for yourself but large enough to get ideas from others as well. A great investment for just a few hours of your time!”

If you would like to learn more about our Learning Zone and to see how it could benefit your organisation, please call our friendly team on 01843 572600 or email us at You can see all of our scheduled sessions at