BCS are very proud to look after the IT requirements of Age UK Thanet. They are the largest elderly services charity in the United Kingdom, providing services to elderly people. Age UK Thanet are an amazing charity, with lovely staff and they provide so much good in the Thanet Area.

Age UK Thanet

Age UK Thanet’s services are vast…they are a busy organisation! They have their Margate Day Centre (pictured above), hairdressing services, handyman services, charity shops and much more!

Did you know they also do outside catering? They offer a buffet service to cater for both large & small group events, as well as all food being prepared by their experienced chef and catering team. How great is that?

You can visit the Age UK Thanet website to see more details regarding their food options and prices. To cater for 60 people, it costs just £3 per head, per person. Now, that’s amazing!

If you would like to hear more about Age UK Thanet’s outside catering or would like to make a booking for your event, please call Justin on 01843 223881 or email


You can find out more about Age UK Thanet, by visiting their website here.

Age UK Thanet have a loyal band of volunteers and range of volunteering roles available for new volunteers. Fancy volunteering? You can view their volunteering roles and you can contact Lorraine Pollard (Support Manager) on 1843 223881 or email for more information.

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