AI in Office 365
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You may not be aware, but AI is becoming ever more present within in your Microsoft Office experience. Suggestions and Ideas are now applicable at the touch of a button, with programs such as Excel & PowerPoint scouring through your documents to provide you time saving designs and insights into your data.

Other, more under the radar improvements have been made with tools such as searching vastly empowered by the power that AI & machine learning can harness. Things like showing you frequently used files when you need them or remembering your place on a document you reopen. Small items such as these contribute to the overall picture if giving you a head start in being the most productive version of yourself.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also contributing towards the development of new Microsoft Office tools, for example MyAnalytics, which a dashboard you can use to review your work life. Expect this trend to continue in 2020 and beyond, with these tools to implemented to help increase your business’ efficiency.

The idea behind these additions is not to usurp or replace the tools you are using, but merely to remove wasted time spent repeating tasks or searching for items within Office, which is a common issue for many users. Additionally, by analysing the way you work, these products can help inform you if there’s a potentially preferential way of working.

A wide variety of tools within the Office suite now have AI infused in them in some aspect, which will provide you with extra capabilities enhanced by machine learning. Keep an eye out in the near future when using for Office and try to spot when you think AI is present!

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