Earlier this year, the Leadership team came up with a brilliant idea to put on four social events each year for our ninjas at BCS. Social events are a fantastic idea not only for team members to socialise outside of working hours, but also, it’s a great way for the Leadership team to thank our ninjas for all their hard work!

Our first BCS social day was on Saturday, 22nd April and what did they choose to do? Go Karting of course, what else! The BCS ninjas went to Bayford Meadows in Sittingbourne and had an absolute blast!

After some serious driving, what were the results? Andrew Holloway won in first place by more than 30 seconds less than everyone else, Chris Doel happily took second place and David Shaw proudly took third place!

David sadly dropped his trophy while basking in his glory on the podium. However, the Go Karting staff mistaking him for Felipe Massa soon cheered him up! He’s only one of the most famous Formula One racing drivers in the world!

A huge thank you to the Leadership team at BCS for a brilliant day out! We can’t wait for the next BCS social day!


Fancy visiting Bayford Meadows yourself? Visit their website here.

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