Last year, the Leadership team came up with a brilliant idea to put on four social events each year for our ninjas at BCS. Social events are a fantastic idea not only for team members to socialise outside of working hours, but also, it’s a great way for the Leadership team to thank our ninjas for all their hard work!

Our lovely Ninja Dan Bradley organised this quarter’s social event. Dan had the brilliant idea of doing an Escape Room!

The Ninjas headed down to the Escapement in Margate on Saturday 2nd June. The Escapement has two rooms – Egyptian Exodus and Pirates of Polaris. With the huge success of the two rooms they are opening up their third room this Summer – The Pit!

Egyptian Exodus escape room – the aim is to find and restore the missing canopic jars and allow the Pharaoh to pass safely into the afterlife in order to make the escape. BCS Ninjas had to turn into archaeologists for the hour in order to escape. This wasn’t a normal escape room, it required the use of all of our senses; smell, touch, sounds and light.

The Pirates of Polaris escape room is all about navigating the stars and the seas to figure out how to sail the ship through thunder bolts and lighting back to land! The crew was thrown into the brig and had to find a safe way to land.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the escapement’s lovely staff, Mica, Lewis and Dave. The clearly explained what to expect in the rooms and they were very passionate about the experience they gave to their customers.

We split into two teams, one team took on the role as archaeologists and the other team turned into scallywags. We had 60 minutes to escape the rooms and the competition was on! The pirate team beat the other team but only by the skin of their teeth. The scallywags escaped in 55.01 minutes and the archaeologists escaped in 58.08 minutes.

This meant the competition was really on for the next round! The teams swapped rooms. This really threw a spanner into the works… The losers of the first round absolutely smashed the pirate room, by escaping in 47.03 minutes and the other team escaped in 67.09 minutes.

However, it isn’t all about the winning (especially if you were on the losing team), we all had a brilliant time in the Escape Rooms. And the fun didn’t stop there.

After using our brains, we needed to eat. Our Ninja’s headed to Café de China in Margate for a lovely Chinese.

A massive thank you to Dan B for organising the event, it was brilliant! Also, a huge thank you to Mica, Lewis and Dave, the staff at the Escapement, our day wouldn’t be the same without you! And Café de China for a lovely meal.

If you would like more information about The Escapement in Margate, then visit their website here.