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August’s Webinar – Software Restriction Policies

In August, we ran a webinar around Software Restriction policies. 

Earlier this month, Lee Hutton, our Security Engineer delivered another webinar on how to keep your business secure. This week, he focused on maintaining your security posture through implementing a Software Restriction Policy (SRP). Cyber essentials affect us in our everyday lives and that’s why we need policies to shape how both as a company and an employee, security expectations are met.

Cyber Essentials is a framework that the UK government published in 2014, outlining both the physical and technical controls businesses can utilise to stay secure. Organisations can gain CE badges, allowing consumers and other businesses to know that they have a strong compliance to the CE framework. To gain these badges, businesses must have policies in place such as a Software Approval List and Fair Use Policy in order for their employees to be using devices, software and networks securely. In addition to this, a business must ensure that employees who have left are correctly offboarded and that software licensing is also maintained.

If you missed the webinar, we have uploaded a copy below to watch and to share with your colleagues.

The Recording

Coming Up.. September’s Webinar – Information Security Awareness

In this webinar our security engineer will talk about best practises around Security Awareness, how to implement this at a user level and IT security level, along with also completing a live demonstration of a Information Security Awareness Policy, that will then also be shared with all attendees after the webinar so you can start using this in your business!

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