BCS Team Q&A: Matt Kateley

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How long have you been at Business Computer Solutions?

18 months.

What is your job role within the organisation?

I’m an Account Manager – I look after the dayto-day needs and long-term IT planning for our partners, as well as scoping out any hardware or software they need. I spend a lot of my time on the phones to customers, understanding their needs and concerns, as well as working with them to find out the best IT solutions for their business models.

What is your proudest moment working for BCS and why?

Probably arranging my first server rollout and site move – There were strict time constraints and several different partners to negotiate with, but we delivered on-time and on-budget and all parties were satisfied. It was stressful, but once it was over, I couldn’t wait to jump back in!

Watching the business grow and seeing staff members develop, how does that feel?

Honestly? It’s fantastic – The benefit of being employee owned is that everyone cares just a little bit more about their personal and professional development, as well as helping the business succeed. I’ve seen some of my colleagues make amazing strides to improve their own skill set and in turn they’ve been able to deliver some fantastic work which really goes above and beyond for the customer.

What challenges do you face within the IT industry and how does it affect you?

In a lot of industries, IT is still seen as a necessary evil rather than a vital enabler. Part of my challenge is demonstrating the high level benefits of the tools we offer (like freeing up employee time and streamlining inefficient processes), as well as explaining some more abstract concepts (such as ‘virtual servers’) to partners who just ‘want it to work’. It’s a challenge I embrace, as Education is one of our core values, and knowing a client is happy with a solution we’ve discussed is a great feeling.

When you are away from the office, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m BCS’ music guy. I write and play guitar for an established underground metal band called ‘Tides of Ire’ (record #4 coming this summer!), gig and tour around the UK & Europe and part own a small record label. Like a lot of the team, I play a lot of video games, and I’m an avid fan of TV and film – Anything with a Sci-Fi flavour has got my approval. I must have seen every episode of Star Trek at least 3 times!

If you could visit any destination right now, where would you go and why?

It’s a toss-up – Stick me at the top of a mountain with some skis, or on a warm sandy beach with a cocktail. That being said, the mountain is probably a safer bet right about now…