BCS Tunes Into IT Manager At Silent Gliss

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Silent Gliss – The Architects Of Silence

Silent Gliss are the leading global supplier of premium interior window treatment systems. Using cutting edge technology and a relentless commitment to precision they develop and manufacture the world’s quietest and smoothest curtains and blinds.

Since 1952 they have provided bespoke products complemented by expert technical advice and support to all market sectors including homes, offices, hospitality, healthcare and transport.

Client Profile

Part-time radio commentator Matt Gerrard is happy to report that BCS is broadcasting on his wavelength when he’s also at his ‘day job’.

Matt is a Systems Support Analyst, one of two at window treatment company, Silent Gliss, on the Pyramid Business Park in Poorhole Lane, Broadstairs.

The Thanet site is the home to Swiss-based company’s UK and Global business units, being one of the main manufacturing base and key to a Silent Gliss empire that stretches across Europe and to North America, the Middle East, and Australia.

“It’s an excellent company to work for, we are spread out globally and that makes IT crucial,” said Matt. “Which in turn means 24/7 support from BCS is vital to us and our customers.”

Matt joined Silent Gliss 22 years ago in the sales office but moved across to the IT team after four years:

“I guess I enjoyed that (IT) side of things and there are aspects I can handle myself, but we look after 130 IT systems worldwide from here, and BCS help keep us up and running.

“I really like working with BCS; Dan Cook (BCS Professional Services) is always available, nothing is ever an issue, and you always feel that BCS is absolutely dedicated to our company.

“And while I do have good IT knowledge, the BCS way seems to be to explain everything in a straightforward way – they’ll never bombard you with jargon – so that we can, in turn, explain it to others if needed.

“Changes and new investment are carefully measured and, ultimately, it’s always down to us. We have a new server project due in 2020, for instance, but we have discussed and planned this for some time.”

The IT system used to be managed in-house, but BCS was brought in to oversee operational cover and security in 2014, when Silent Gliss revamped its IT management set-up.

“The IT landscape was changing fast, particularly on web security and virus protection and by working with BCS we were able take specialist advice, freeing us up to look after the company side of things,” said Matt.

“In the past 10 years, this has become even more obvious; at Silent Gliss, we march on our IT systems – the company simply can’t afford to have any IT issues between ourselves, our colleagues around the world and all our customers.

“We have invested in a long-term business relationship with BCS, ensuring they understand our business and its complexities.

“Apart from the day to day cover, we have quarterly face to face meetings about options to improve, chats about progress and so on – it’s relaxed and a great infrastructure, but basically BCS is always on hand.

“We are also one of the biggest employers in Thanet and we think it’s important to work with other local businesses and support them.”

In his spare time Matt is well known as a sports journalist and, until recently had his own sports show on Monday evening on Radio Kent.