What are the benefits of having Scheduled Visits

Despite all the advancements in modern technology, there are still some things that require physical presence when it comes to looking after your IT systems.

Having an engineer on-site routinely, is something many of our customers get great value from. The engineers get to know the staff and how the business is run and the key line of business applications that they use.

This valuable information is then recorded on our systems so the help-desk team can support our customers faster and without the need to ask as many questions.

But to be honest this is not the main reason our customers have regular scheduled visits. Our customers all have the same objective when it comes to IT and that is to ensure that their data is accessible, secure, recoverable and all whilst remaining compliant.

Scheduled visits are those tasks that ensure these things are in place. These tasks are not typical things the support desk would deal with or what the proactive monitoring might detect. These things are systems, processes, documentation and checks to make sure your business continuity (from an IT perspective), is not under threat or risk of failing any compliance.

For example:

  • Maintaining asset lists and stored equipment
  • Up to date photos of the IT infrastructure
  • Using best-in-class network maintenance and reporting tools, to identify network bottlenecks and highlight potential security improvements.
  • Checking for physical damage to cabling and network points
  • PCI DSS Compliance tasks
  • Physical inspections of PCs and Laptops

Another example could be that the engineer checks the lists of users to ensure they are all current and there are no ex-employees with remote access still on the system or even to check that the security privileges for each user are still current

These checks are all part of keeping critical data secure and ensuring you remain complaint always.

These types of tasks are critical when it comes to achieving and maintaining things like GDPR, Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS compliance or ISO27001.

What does this mean for our clients?

There are so many benefits to a scheduled visit but the most common types of feedback we receive relate to:

  • Client confidence that their IT systems are secure and recoverable
  • Peace of mind that that IT is being pushed forward
  • The ability to talk with their senior engineer about future developments and how technology can support their business objectives.

How often do I need them and how long do they take?

 Many of our clients have monthly visits as this enables us enough touch points across the year to effectively manage and maintain the network and remain on top of compliance.

Some of our larger clients benefit more from weekly visits, due to their size and the complexity of their networks. If you are a smaller organization then we can also do quarterly visits. But having these visits is something we insist all of our clients should have.

Can we use this time for installation work?

This would go against the purpose of the visit, however, we have clients who complement scheduled visits with a separate ‘block time’  visit each month, which is time booked in with an engineer to push on with outstanding projects. It is important that we use this time exclusively for these critical tasks and stay on top of them to keep our clients safe, secure and compliant always.

 How much do they cost?

A half day visit cost £250+VAT and full day is £500+VAT it really is as simple as that.

Have more questions about our scheduled visits? You can always contact your Account Manager today by calling 01843 572600

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