As a proactive and forward thinking organisation, we are always looking for ways to make our clients lives easier. One huge challenge that organisations face is how to avoid business disruption, following a server failure or data loss. Whether it’s malicious, human error or Mother Nature, having a solution in place is vital to protect your data. The main reasons for hardware failure are shown in the below diagram –

Facts and Figures:

  •  20% of businesses will suffer either fire, flood, power failures or hardware/software disasters at some point in time.
  • 70% of businesses without an adequate DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) that experience a major data loss go out of business within the first twelve months.
  • 43% of businesses unable to resume operations within ten days will never reopen.

At Business Computer Solutions, we take backup and the protection of your data seriously. Combining our technical expertise and enterprise class software from StorageCraft, we have developed a highly robust Disaster Recovery offering for our clients, meaning they can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that not only is their data safe, but can be recovered (fully) in a fast and efficient manner, with minimal downtime.

Our BDR solution allows us to take sector-level backup images of your server disk drives and save them to a local target. This creates incremental backups as often as every fifteen minutes thereafter. A separate piece of software (Shadow Stream), then sends another encrypted copy of these images to hardware at our Data Centre, which is then replicated again to hardware at BCS Head Office. This provides a high level of resilience in the event of a disaster.

When you need to recover accidentally deleted files or restore your entire server, even due to malfunction or other issues, we can use the local NAS to quickly restore flat files or even entire server images. In the event of a major disaster, or if both the server/s and local NAS fail at the same time, we can still restore your data, as it will be stored in two separate offsite locations. Our backup solution includes a ninety-day retention period for data as standard. The StorageCraft ‘Headstart Restore’ feature, allows us to quickly build an image of your server/s with the latest backups – a process which takes less than ten minutes.

The entire process is monitored and controlled from a centralised console, which alerts us via our ticketing system and in-office HUD (Head-Up Display). We perform regular checks to ensure the solution is working and your data is secure. A monthly report will be generated, with information regarding the previous month’s backups.

If you would like any information on BDRs or our 365 Disaster Recovery, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01843 572600 or email You can also watch our 365 Disaster Recovery video here.