4 Steps to Tidy URL Links!

4 Steps to Tidy URL Links!

Do you ever struggle with how to shorten links in your documents? Have you ever tried to write a report and unsure of how to shorten links to make your documents look more professional? Look no further…here is how to shorten your links. Welcome to the world of Google URL Shortener…

  • Visit www.goo.gl and you will see the following page:

  • Simply copy and paste your long URL address into the text box area. We have used our Facebook business page as an example:


  • Click Shorten URL and ta-dah! A new shortened, tidier and cleaner URL address has been created for you:


  • Click on the two squares, next to the text and copy short URL will appear. This means you have copied the URL:


  • You can now paste this shortened URL into an email, Word document, report, blog post and much more. This shortened URL will enable people to visit the original website page, without seeing an unsightly URL!


Not only is this free to use; the shortened URL’s that you create have their own analytics for you to read over…sweet! If there are 0 clicks, wait until there are clicks to see your analytics.


  • Simply click on the number in the all clicks column, on the shortened URL you have created and your analytics will appear:



It details which social media platform people have clicked on the shortened URL from, what country, which browsers people have used and which devices.

In the same section, the graph shows you when and what time people have clicked on your URL. Simply hover your mouse over the blue indents on the graph (at the start and end points) and it will show you all this information.

The time frame can also be changed, so you can view your analytics over different periods of time. Pretty cool eh?



Any URL address that you have shortened will save on your Google URL Shortener homepage, with the analytics still showing. It really is brilliant!


Ready to give Google URL Shortener a whirl? Of course, you are! Google URL Shortener now recommend using sites such as Bitly to achieve this.

Did you find this information useful? Download or print out our PDF for yourself and staff members – it may come in handy! 4 Steps to Tidy URL Links PDF

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