How To Hyperlink Text in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

Do you ever struggle with how to shorten links in your emails in Office 365 Outlook? Have you ever received an email and seen a really long link, which looks untidy and unprofessional? Look no further…here is how to hyperlink text in your Office 365 Outlook emails. Welcome to the world of tidy links…

  • Compose your email in Office 365 Outlook as usual –



  • Use the words in your composed email to hyperlink links, so the text itself becomes the link. Select a word or words that you wish to hyperlink by using your mouse to select the word/s. The words scheduled workshops have been selected below –



  • Once you have selected your word/s to hyperlink, right click using your mouse and select the option Hyperlink. Then you will see the below box appear –



  • You can copy and paste a URL from a website or search for what you are hyperlinking using the Look in option


The BCS Learning Zone website has now been copied and pasted into the Address option as you can see below –



  • Click OK once you are happy and the word/s in your email will be hyperlinked. This will show your word/s as blue and underlined –

Blog 6

  • Continue this process until the words you wish to hyperlink are all complete. Then once you send the email, the recipient will be able to click on all your links and view the relevant information. The link will open a new internet browser and the recipient can view all the information there. The email looks professional, neat and tidy…result! See our example below –



Did you find this information useful? Download or print out our PDF for yourself and staff members – it may come in handy! How to Hyperlink Text In Microsoft Office 365 Outlook PDF

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