Bring your own device (BYOD) describes the practice and increasingly popular occurrence of staff using their own personal mobile devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone for business purposes, either while at work or remotely. With a new record of mobile devices outnumbering people now, it is a good time to look at your organisations policies.

Our ninjas have devised 10 key points you need to consider if you are going to introduce BYOD into your organisation:

  1. Create an effective BYOD policy to prevent any unauthorised devices from accessing sensitive business or personal information. This will also highlight to staff the potential risks BYOD can present to a business if not managed effectively.
  2. Ensure data is encrypted with a strong password and allow only approved users to access business data.
  3. Provide information to be displayed to staff on their devices, but not saved onto the device. This reduces accessibility to business information if the device is lost or stolen.
  4. Have a clear procedure for dealing with a security incident and provide guidance on what to do, should this occur.
  5. Ensure, where possible, a robust UTM/Firewall solution is in place, to protect against data theft and to maintain a high level of network security. Having a managed UTM solution will allow a BYOD policy to be effectively enforced.
  6. Regularly audit to reduce the risk of compromised sensitive business data.
  7. Consider whether it is appropriate for staff to send and receive email from both personal and business accounts.
  8. Verify the identity of a user by asking them for their user name and a certain number of characters from their password before providing access to its data and to filter email access.
  9. Plan for security incidents, as part of your business contingency plan.
  10. Understand the legal issues. Consult a legal firm or solicitors for all the advice you need in preparing a policy.

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