Celebrating Two Years Being Employee Owned!

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Today marks the second year of BCS becoming an employee owned business!

BCS became Employee Owned back in June 2018. This was a key turning point for the business and the whole team. Statistically, Employee Ownership has been proven to increase accountability throughout an organisation, as well as improve customer experience, and lead to happier staff! We can certainly testify to this, and we have seen a continuous improvement in our customer (and) employee satisfaction scores since the change.

Our team are passionate about the community we serve, and continually strive to find the best solutions for Kent based businesses, to ensure their continued success and growth. This year was a challenge for all businesses with the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in us having to move a large number of Kent based businesses to a remote working set-up, in a very short space of time. Downtime is the enemy of any business, so we knew we had to respond to this challenge in a joined up and responsive way.

Having a unified and accountable team was key to us being able to achieve this, which we put that down in part to the fact we are now Employee Owned, and share a stronger sense of responsibility throughout the team.

lock-down was and still is, evidently very difficult for businesses and people alike, and as a business we have had to adapt and we wouldn’t have been able to do that successfully without the wonderful team that we have.

This year we were unable to complete our planned EO Day 2020 festivities, however, in true BCS style, we still managed to have a wonderful celebration. Our lovely Finance Director Jo surprised us all at our homes with some amazing gifts and personal thank you cards! We all gathered via Teams to have a celebration all together and wish each other another happy EO Day and happy 2-year anniversary of Employee Ownership.

Although, it wasn’t what we had originally planned, we all had a great day and are excited to embark on what will be another successful year of employee ownership!