We have a very good understanding of the role BCS plays in society and the community at large. Our team members are encouraged to participate in community projects within the local area, with five days each year available to use.

On Friday, 17th November, our very own ninja Martin Hynes collected money for Children in Need. Martin and a band of Round Table members went to London, including Paul McGuirk from Parkland Estates and Paul Palmer from Your Leisure. They collected money at seven stations across London…good going! Pudsey and our band of collectors visited Cannon Street, Fenchurch Street, Paddington, London Bridge, Charing Cross, Kings Cross and Euston! Looks like Pudsey even made a friend, what a sweetie!


Their aim was to raise much needed funds, to help children across the United Kingdom be safe, happy, secure, and allowing them the chance to reach their potential. Children in Need is always a brilliant cause that Round Table love to support and this year, they have been raising even more vital funds for those who desperately need it!

Together, they raised a massive £21,156.91! How amazing is that? Well done to everyone involved and a massive thank you to everyone who kindly contributed to this huge amount of money collected!

You can read about more Children in Need fundraising from Round Table here – they have been busy this year!