This week at BCS, we have certainly been getting into the Christmas spirit! It is also at this time of year, where people’s thoughts turn to those in need and the fantastic charities that rely on the goodwill of everyday people.

Our ninjas have been raising money this week for ‘Save The Children’ and their Christmas campaign ‘Christmas Jumper Day.’ We thought a day just wasn’t enough, so we opted for a week of Christmas jumpers! We’ve seen penguins, Christmas puddings, Santa, snowmen, the list is endless!

Our ninjas raised £125 for this fantastic cause and because the Leadership team are so supportive, they promised to match it. So, we raised £250 it total! Result!

Money raised from this campaign will give millions of children essentials like healthcare, education, protection and food. Every year, millions of children around the world die before their fifth birthday from easily preventable diseases like malaria and pneumonia.


You can find out more about ‘Save The Children’ and the fantastic work that they do, by visiting their website here.

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