Common Social Media Questions & Answers

Are you a business or organisation struggling with social media? Do you hear these two words and run in the other direction? Fear not…we are here to help!

Social media isn’t a phase; it is here to stay and every day, it is evolving even more. To put it simply, it has changed how people communicate and conduct business for the foreseeable future. Most people use up to four devices a day and they are looking for relevant content to read…good content.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, asking how to use social media:

  1. Do I have to be on every social media network? No. The most popular social media platforms include Facebook and Instagram, but the question you should ask is, “Where are our customers and prospects on social media?” If you only have a handful of social media platforms to look after, you can concentrate all your efforts into them, rather than having too many to manage.
  2. Do I have to be consistent with my social media posting? Yes. Being consistent with your social media posting shows you are committed and regular posting will build trust with your online audience. Have you ever visited a blog or a company’s Facebook page and noticed the last time they posted was eight months ago? Doesn’t give you much faith in that organisations commitment, does it?
  3. What types of content should I share? There is so much content you can share! For example, think of any questions your customers have asked you; they can be turned into useful blog posts. If a new member of the team has joined your organisation, you can make a short video to introduce them and post it on your social media platforms. Do you support a charity that you want to raise awareness for? The possibilities are literally endless!
  4. How often should I post? This is down to you, but twice a day is the average amount. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If you are celebrating a work anniversary or having a staff outing for example, additional posts like this are not a problem alongside your two posts. Your online audience want to see your content, but they don’t want to be bombarded with it!
  5. What’s the best time to post? This is down to when your online audience are most active, when reading your content. Analytics can help you with finding this information out, as posting your content at the time when people are most likely to engage with it is important. You have spent time creating your content, so you obviously want people to see it! Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have their own analytics section, as well as Google Analytics for your website data.
  6. How do I get more followers? Building your online audience is important, as you want people who are interested in your content and industry to follow you. By providing useful and engaging content, you will attract the right followers who will love you for the content you share. Getting more followers, for the sake of more followers defeats the object of all the hard work you put into your social media content. Genuine followers will share your content and love you for providing them with what they like!
  7. If I’m in a boring industry, do I still need to use social media? There is no such thing as a boring industry; especially when it comes to social media! No matter how boring you believe your industry is, if you are not on social media, your competitors will be. That’s a fact.
  8. Is okay to share promotional content? Yes. Promotional content that covers your offering, products and services is absolutely fine; as long as it isn’t all of the time. Nobody likes being sold to and the same theory should apply when posting on social media.
  9. Do I need to use social media scheduling software? You don’t have to, but using social media scheduling software will certainly make your life easier and save you time in the long run. We recommend using Buffer or Sendible. They are both easy to use and understand. Buffer is free to use (with paid options available also) and Sendible starts from £39 per month.


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