A common and understandable mistake that many people make as they are creating content for social engagement, is to limit their content to promotional updates. This is reflective of the traditional marketing world, in which all outbound push messaging is just that, but things have changed. Now, we build our marketing efforts on trust, engagement and community.

There is of course, a time and place for marketing and promotional messages, but don’t limit yourself. Consider broadening your scope a bit – there is so much you can write about! This will make your content more appealing and provide a wide variation of subjects for people to enjoy. Some options for different types of updates may include:

Adjacent content –If someone is following you on social media, the chances are they are interested in your organisation and/or what you offer. It is an even safer bet to say, their interests don’t stop there. Share content that is tangentially relevant to your business or something involving common interests of your audience. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, you could post about ‘up and coming’ beauty trends or news from a popular designer. These topics directly align with the interests of your audience.

Hint and tips – Add value to the conversation by sharing content that will make your customers’ lives easier. Hints and tips are a great way of showing that you are sharing not only relevant content, but much needed content and your audience will love you for it!

Non-promotional company information – If your company participates in amazing volunteer work within your community, don’t be shy about sharing it! Giving a sneak peek into the culture and community within an organisation goes a long way to building relationships, by humanising your organisation. If you have won any awards recently or a staff member has had a baby, share this news!

Job openings – Social media channels can be an incredibly fruitful place to find new talent and advertise job openings. Job seekers are increasingly using social media as a way of learning about companies and their open positions. It is a match made in internet heaven! Get those listings out there and be sure to highlight the most important ones.


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