COVID-19: 3 things to keep in mind
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With unprecedented times upon us, it’s important to keep in mind a few things…

With many businesses having to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a handful of things that are worth thinking about amidst great change.

Spam Emails

We’ve seen an increase in junk emails recently that take advantage of people’s uncertainty around the Coronavirus pandemic. Attachments prophesying case figures and other false claims are catching many users out. Be vigilant when receiving email updates around COVID-19 as although many are legitimate, cyber criminals are using this global event in a despicable way to catch people out. As with all spam emails, if you’re unsure don’t interact with them, simply ask a colleague or BCS in relation to an emails validity.

Data Caps

Whilst many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) allow for unlimited data usage, many people are still on limited contracts which means with the move to home working, a lot of people are getting caught out with additional usage charges. Although this surge in internet usage has been anticipated, it’s still ideal for you to check to be sure you’re internet provider allows for unlimited usage. The last thing you want right now is extra costs or worse case, no internet at all.

Stay Healthy

With many users now making the move to home working, it can sometimes be taken for granted the side effects that this can bring. Lack of social interaction and/or exercise can be tricky to deal with, but with a few measures in place, you can keep a focused mind and in good spirits. Stay in communication with colleagues using tools such as Microsoft Teams. Take regular breaks (every 20 minutes) from a screen and try to stretch and move about a bit to avoid sitting still for the entire day.

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