COVID-19: A Service Update
BCS News

BCS are still fully contactable using the usual numbers, which are, as a reminder:


  • Phone – 01843 572600 – We are able to work remotely as we have cloud hosted VoIP telephones
  • Email – There will not be an impact on this. All emails will continue to go into our central Service Desk system, and this will continue to be monitored by the team as normal.


Account Management:

General Enquiries:

BCS Office – 16 Leigh Road, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 5EU

Our office is currently closed and all staff are working remotely, however, if for any reason you do need to visit our offices, please contact our Service Director, Harry Ashton – for assistance.

Operations and Service

BCS continues to operate and deliver our services as normally as possible. We have not lowered our standards of service throughout this period in any of our departments and we intend to continue to operate this way. Although we are working from home, we have developed solutions for implementing most requirements remotely. In exceptional circumstances where we need to attend site, our team are abiding strictly by the Government guidelines.

Transitioning back to normality

At BCS we understand these are ever-changing times and we must adapt accordingly. We are working with all our customers to ensure there is a plan in place to deliver the highest level of service when we all begin to return to what will be the new normality. We have also planned for our own return to the office for our staff, to ensure they are protected. If you have any queries about how to plan your return to work please contact Matt Kateley –

If you have any queries, you can contact us on 01843 572 600 or email