COVID-19: Is your business prepared?
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Precautionary readiness…

In light of recent global events, you may well be considering setting up your staff for remote working. If this is the case, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to minimise any impact on your business.


To work from home, your team will of course need a mobile device (primarily a laptop, or tablet/phone). With a shortage of available laptops, it’s important you identify a need and act swiftly to ensure you have enough devices in relation to staff.


Microsoft Teams – This will be an essential tool when using Office from home, as it allows for easy communication and meetings. Using Teams will allow you to keep conversations going. Additionally, Microsoft are currently offering a 6 month free trial of the paid version of Teams.

RDS (Remote Desktop Service) – This tool will allow your users to connect to your server remotely and access files and programs. Please check to see if this is something you have available to you, to ensure users can access this from home.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) –  This is another technology that can facilitate remote working – it allows for secure web traffic when trying to access files and work from home. Without this, you could be at risk of a cyber-attack and potential data breach.

Firewall – Either a physical or virtual firewall will also be essential in protecting your users whilst working from home. Couple this with a VPN for protection against cyber-attacks. However, the effectiveness of a firewall is greatly reduced when working from home. This is why utilising DNS filtering is also essential to boost your security presence.

Cloud storage – Using a system like SharePoint or OneDrive will be useful in ensuring you can still access all the files you need whilst at home. You will be able to access either service via a web browser, or through the OneDrive app, if available.

Having the flexibility to work from home can be really useful if the need arises, and can provide benefits across your business – if there is a warranted need for it.

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