The Dangers of Buying Your Own IT Equipment

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It’s not that hard is it? I mean it’s a few laptops, I am sure I can save us some money and buy them ourselves?

You can, of course, buy your own IT equipment; the process is really quite simple.

  • Find the right product that fits your business needs and the user’s needs
  • Find a reputable supplier that provides the equipment
  • Get a great price and order.

Sounds simple enough right? Or is it?

The key to this challenge is in point 1. Do you really know exactly what you are buying and what is really needed?

A laptop is a laptop, right?

I am afraid to report the answer is no. There are reasons why there are business versions and personal versions of both the hardware and the software

It might seem like the manufacturers are just squeezing every penny they can out of you, but there are fundamental differences in the business versions to the personal versions.

For example:

If you buy a laptop from an online or local retailer for use in the office and it has Home Edition of the Microsoft Windows software, you will be unable to join it to your business domain.

You will find that the data on the hard drive is not encrypted in the case of loss or theft leaving your data potentially at risk.

Retailers by their very nature also have to sell on old stock. As manufacturers upgrade and release new models of computers, the retailers will often reduce the price of the older models to sell them on. The bargain laptop on offer might not always be the best fit if it is, in fact, an older model.

Performance issues

You may see some amazing deals online and in store that seem to show a decent laptop for an amazing price and maybe tempted.

These laptops are more often than not cheap for a reason. They are low powered which is perfectly fine for the average home user who uses the laptop for browsing, music, and basic word processing.

We operate very differently in our business and require far more in terms of computing power.

Buying a cheap laptop is very much a false economy as it will not perform and simply frustrate the user and as a result, productivity will slow.

How BCS can help

We operate a very open and transparent process that includes our purchase price and our sales price.

Why are they not the same?

Understanding who the equipment is for and for what purpose and then sourcing the right equipment for the best price takes time.

We have dedicated staff who spend the time liaising with your primary engineers to ensure that the equipment is the right specification and the best price while always ensuring it is fit for purpose.

We also ensure that if the equipment arrives and it’s dead on arrival (DOA) we will handle the speedy order of another and sort out the returns.

Another thing you will find with our quotes is that we have considered what other options are required. How many times have you forgotten to order the peripherals such as a docking station or mouse? Again we ensure that any peripherals are compatible.

Time is money

This all takes time and money, therefore, our small but transparent margin is to cover this and ensure the process is smooth and pain-free. This is not a money maker for any IT company but is absolutely a service that saves everybody headaches and money in the end.

Ensuring that you have good quality equipment that is fit for purpose first time may cost you a little more than the cheap offering online and through the retail channels, but it will not cost you in time and productivity and the hassle and cost of getting it wrong.

Looking for the cheapest price will only cost you, in the long run, we always look for best value for our clients and are always happy to advise and assist but don’t be fooled by the cheap deals on laptops and other IT equipment, remember it is cheap for a reason.