What exactly is a dream list? Well, a dream list is a marketing strategy that can be used by organisations that only need a set of high value clients to be successful. If you can identify the ideal customer for your organisation, one that hasn’t caused you any headaches, is ideal to work with and pays you on time, then you want to search for others like them.


That is where the dream list comes in. If you can create a list of like-minded potential customers, then you can target those customers, build a relationship with them and turn them into the ideal customer.

Is the dream list strategy for you? The dream list strategy is not for every organisation. If your organisation relies on selling your product to hundreds of businesses or individuals every year, then the dream list strategy is not the best way for you to reach your goals. If your organisation would be rapidly revolutionised by getting twenty or thirty new customers, then this is the strategy for you.

How do you work out who’s on your dream list? When it comes to deciding which customers, you want on your dream list, it’s a good idea to think about your existing customers. Look at your existing customer base, and who you like working with. They will be the customers that buy from you regularly, are loyal and genuinely interested in your product or service. They are exactly the kind of customer you want to find!

Working out the customers you want on your dream list is the crucial first step and it’s important that you get it right. In part two, we will help you to figure out who you want to work with…so keep posted for ‘Your Customer Avatar’.


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