Driving Efficiency with Outlook

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Outlook is quite possibly one of the most used email clients, and for good reason. It provides more than just an easy way to manage email, coming packed with features, many of which are hidden away. It’s prowess as an email client is obvious, but many are unaware of just how much it’s capable of…


If you have multiple folders for sorting email, it can be tricky to navigate to the ones you use most often. By right-clicking and selecting Add to favourites, your chosen folder will be easy accessible within the Favourites section of the folder pane.


If you’re on the go, or trying to multitask, having to write a handful of emails can be tedious. This is alleviated thanks to Outlook’s (and Office as a whole) ability to let you dictate directly within your email.

Quick Parts

Do you find yourself repeating the same steps over and over again when it comes to email? Well then, Quick Parts are for you. They condense down multiple actions into one, to help save time on repetitive tasks. If mark an item as read and immediately move it for example? Quick Parts allows you to complete both actions in the press of a single button.


It’s unfortunate, but spam email is everywhere. Occasionally you’ll need to handle emails like this from within Outlook, so by right-clicking and selecting send to junk, you can banish unnecessary emails.


Similar to ridding yourself of Junk nonsense, the ability to unsubscribe within Outlook is fantastic, as it saves jumping through the many hoops that often occur when you simply want to stop receiving marketing emails.


Microsoft have made it really easy to work together on documents in real-time, thanks to SharePoint & OneDrive. Did you know that you can edit documents directly within Outlook? You’ll see a document attached to an email, within which the options allow you to open the document and start editing right away.

Schedule Delivery

This tool is great if time management is your thing. Let’s say your in the midst of managing your emails, and you know there’s someone you need to reply to urgently, but there won’t be write the email later. Well, you can compose it fully and then, using the Schedule Delivery tool, set it to send at a time & date of your choosing (as long as Outlook is running). This means you can do the work getting the email prepped, schedule the delivery, and then sit back and relax.

With all of these tools, they are incredibly useful, yet they all have one thing in common – they save you time. Outlook is a productivity powerhouse that handles more than just your email, which is why it can sometimes be understated just how powerful it is. For more tips like this, stay tuned for our other top tip blogs.

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