Here at Business Computer Solutions, we love getting feedback off our lovely customers, especially like this, which Steve at Constantine Construction sent over:

“Harry went all out until our issue was completely sorted. But due to his Ninja training, no one noticed, (or even cared). And because of Harry’s modesty, he wouldn’t want the big fanfare he deserves. Who’d be an IT Tech? It’s a thankless job that no one sees as being essential to the smooth running. But when things aren’t quite right, then it’s all your fault – ‘The IT works just fine. What do we even pay you for? The IT has crapped out. What do we even pay you for?’ My favourite IT quote. Sucks being you guys. Keep it up though cause you’re doing a grand job.”

We value our long term customer relationships at BCS and it is always nice to receive such fantastic feedback – thanks Steve! A huge well done to our very own Harry Ashton, Steve’s primary engineer for Constantine Construction. Harry has been Steve’s dedicated engineer for Constantine Construction for two years and this is a great example of the relationships we build with our lovely customers.


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