We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who filled in our Engineer survey during the month of May. Each month, we pick a winner (selected at random), from a list of people who have completed our engineer survey. BCS really do listen to feedback received, so we would like to extend our appreciation to all of you who provide us with this.

The winner drawn from May’s survey is…drum roll please…Donna Shorter from Dumpton Park Garage!

Our prize was a family voucher for Quex Park Adventure Golf. The exciting 18-hole course, is made up of ponds, streams, bridges and waterfalls; how fab! Our Sales Director, Martin dropped this off for Donna. Well done Donna!

Here are some of the fantastic comments our engineers received from May, 2017:

“What I like about BCS is that you never feel like an idiot. Email accounts are a mystery to me and they talked me through what I wanted it to do and then made sure I got what I needed to do the job.”

“As always, the issue was dealt with in a very professional way. Very quickly too. Superb service from a superb company.”

“They make you feel like humans that do make mistakes and don’t make you feel stupid.”

“Super service; one call is all it takes!!! Didn’t even interrupt me working!! Just an email to get it all sorted, that is what makes BCS different from the rest! Thanks.”

“After panicking that I had downloaded a virus, the BCS help desk quickly and efficiently took over my PC and eliminated any possible threat. If only the real world was so easy!”


As a thank you to our customers, each engineer survey that is completed will be entered into a monthly draw for a chance to win a super prize. This month, we have a gift certificate for three people to take part in an adventure at ‘Escape in The Towers’ at The Pound, Canterbury. The Escape rooms offers a one of a kind live action experience, with theme park quality settings and puzzles to test your abilities in teams of 2-5 players. Let the games begin!

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