Every Internet Minute In 2016…

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Over three billion people, worldwide, use the internet every day. Whether it’s checking your emails, listening to music, browsing the internet or ordering something online, we all rely on the internet. Here are some staggering statistics on what happens online every sixty seconds or an Internet Minute, worldwide:

  1. 701, 389 people log in to Facebook
  2. 69,444 hours watched on Netflix
  3. 150,000,000 million emails sent
  4. $203, 596 in sales on Amazon
  5. 120 new LinkedIn accounts are created
  6. 2.4 million searches on Google
  7. 2.78 million video views on YouTube
  8. 20.8 million WhatsApp messages are sent
  9. 347,222 new tweets on Twitter
  10. 38,052 hours of music is listened to on Spotify

With each person accessing the internet on up to four different devices, the World Wide Web is literally in our hands. Back in 1995, a mere 16 million people were using the internet on a desktop computer. In 1990, the internet had existed for only 7 years, with a huge percentage of users living in The United States and Western Europe.

The internet hasn’t just become larger, it’s become global and accessible to everyone. As Bill Gates once said, “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” He’s not wrong!