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Social media is evolving all the time and growing at a pace, which is difficult for many of us to keep up with!

Have you ever wondered why you see the adverts you do on Facebook?

Facebook advertising is something that many people still haven’t discovered. At the moment, Facebook advertising remains very reasonably priced and easy to understand, how refreshing is that? You can set a budget from as little as between £4-£5 a week!

Facebook is at the fore front of all social media platforms; the marketing tools available are brilliant and are helping many businesses move forward.

So, what do you need to start creating Facebook adverts?

  • Choose your objective: What do you want to achieve from this advert? More brand awareness, more sales or for your fantastic content to be noticed? It can be anything, as long as you know what it is.
  • Who are your audience? You can specifically target the audience you are trying to reach your advert to. Chose the area, age and many other factors; it really is that simple!
  • Decide where to run your advert: You can run adverts across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Run them where your audience are, they will love you for it!
  • Set your budget: You can set a daily budget of a lifetime budget, which ever suits you best.
  • Pick a format: This allows you to have so much fun with your advert. You can choose a single image or video, multiple images, create slideshows and videos!
  • You’re done! Your advert is now live. Read this section here to understand how bidding and their ads auction works. Essentially, the way your set budget is being spent.

Once your advert is live and making its way around, you can even track how it is doing…genius! You can measure and manage your advert; you can even edit it as it is still running.


We will be writing a series of blogs on Facebook advertising, breaking down the different areas of interest, so keep an eye out for these!


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