February’s Survey Prize Winner!
BCS News

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who filled in our engineer survey during the month of February. Each month, we pick a winner (selected at random), from a list of people who have completed our engineer survey. BCS really do listen to feedback received, so we would like to extend our appreciation to all of you who provide us with this.

The winner drawn from February’s survey is… drum roll please… Karen from Kingsdown Water.

Our survey prize was a ‘£50 gift voucher to use at any of the 51 Wildwood restaurants around the UK. Karen was very pleased and kindly said that we made her day! You’re welcome Karen.

Here are some of the brilliant comments from February 2020:

“Short notice / urgent request was handled promptly and professionally from initial contact to resolution, Dominic once again saved the day”

“Can’t thank Nathan enough! Once again perfect service from him and such a prompt response time! He solved all our issues and some underlying problems! Fantastic service once again! We can’t thank the BCS team more for the on going support at DTH!”

“Toby was quick and efficient!! He really helped me when I was helping a department move offices – making my life a lot easier!! Thank you as always :)”

“As usual -speedy response. In this case -my error but team member didn’t make me feel like I had wasted his time.”

“Lee has done a great job in updating all our sales email signatures. Timely updates and good communication all round. Thanks very much!”

“The phone was picked up within two rings and the lady who answered was very friendly. I was promised that a ticket would be raised as soon as possible and I received a call back from a technician very quickly. Subsequently, I was then provided with a follow up call from Lee to let me know that I could get back to work. As ever a great service thanks BCS :)”

In March we have something to get your taste buds dancing! Get your glasses ready for this tasty selection of wines and a sparkling bottle of Prosecco! This month we have a selection of Bella Giuliana wines; Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Pinot Grigio Rose and of course the delicious sparking Prosecco up for grabs. These have been provided by our lovely friends at Drink Warehouse.