During the last 10 years or so was a huge uprising and landgrab when it came to free email services.

Everyone wanted to be the company they everyone used for their personal email accounts in the same way that google own the search term “Google it”.

As a result, every mobile phone and internet service provider and a whole bunch more were offering free personal email.

However, that race has been run and many horses have fallen along the way. Who won?

There are 3 main contenders, in 3rd place by some distance is Apple with their icloud accounts and streaks ahead with no clear winner is Outlook.com (formally Hotmail) and Gmail.com from Microsoft and Google respectively with over 1 billion accounts between them.

Because of this EE has have decided to retire several their brands free email services including the following:

  •  orange.net
  •  orangehome.co.uk
  • wanadoo.co.uk
  •  freeserve.co.uk
  • fsbusiness.co.uk
  • fslife.co.uk
  • fsmail.net
  • fsworld.co.uk
  • fsnet.co.uk

So, if you are still using any of these free email services you will need to consider moving any important emails from those accounts before its too late and also creating a new email account.

Which provider to use?

Well if you are using these emails accounts for business then now maybe is the time to get your own domain and email hosting. Having your company domain name means you can have professional looking email for example frank@frankandson.com instead of frankandson@freeemail.net

Getting started is easy and low cost and something BCS can help you setup very easily.

If it’s for personal use you probably have an account with your phone, internet or satellite TV provider and if you are ensure there is always www.outlook.com or www.gmail.com who offer free email as well as many other useful services.



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