Children working in technology

The recent report by the UK’s National Academy of Science  states that more than half of English schools do not offer GCSE Computer Science. This leaves a very damning verdict on the future of young people and their ability to learn critically important IT skills; such as programming and algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The report goes on to suggest that the government need to urgently invest up to £60m in computing education over the next 5 years in order to unlock the potential in technology in the future.

Other areas of concern include the number of female students that do take up a GCSE in Computer Science where it is available being only 1 in 5 students being female.

Some of the challenges of this include how we bring teachers up to speed with technology. With many not feeling equipped or have the time and training available in order to keep themselves up to date.

Here is how our Managing Director at BCS feels about today’s report:

The report from the Royal Society is excellent news. We need to train today’s young people for jobs that don’t yet exist, so it’s all about the new skills. How can we expect the teachers to deliver confidently without this investment in their training?”.


Gareth Johns – Managing Director – Business Computer Solutions Ltd


So, what are going to do about this here in Kent?

At BCS we have been looking to address this challenge throughout 2017 by working with local schools to help deliver these essential IT skills.

We have already successfully piloted our BCS Academy where a group of enthusiastic students from Dane Court School in Broadstairs attended workshops at our offices.


This after school programme ran for six weeks, building into a comprehensive introduction to what it is like to work in the IT industry, supporting business users from a practical perspective.

Topics covered include practical IT hardware repairs and upgrades, remote control, fault finding and resolution, network cabling and testing and user support.

Children working in technology

The first BCS academy was a huge success with the students enjoying the whole process and there were as many girls as there were boys we are happy to report.

We plan to work with many schools in Kent and are already planning our next intake of students in 2018.

If you would be interested in your child attending our next programme or even your school working with us and would like to know more please email us at




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