Office 365

Despite all the evolution in technology, Microsoft Office remains a main staple of our daily business diet. Sure, Word and Excel have improved and the design has changed a few times over the years and despite our initial disgust at each new iteration, before long, it’s like it was always that way.

One thing that has changed, is the way we pay for Microsoft Office. It is now a monthly fee per user per month like many modern applications these days.

Therefore, is it not in your best interests to ensure you get the best out of this operational costs?

There is so much more now!

You have probably seen many more apps appear in the suite over the years and probably never taken the time to get to know them and understand how they can best add value to your business.

Something Old

For example, you have probably seen OneNote sitting there for years and thought about opening it but never got around to it, right? OneNote is a handy tool for taking notes and collating snippets of information in one place simply and easily. You simply create a tab for all the various parts of your life like a virtual pin board and then attach notes and media from anywhere and keep them on the pin board for later reference. OneNote is fully searchable and even has a mobile app so you can access your pin boards from anywhere whenever you need them. Those that already use OneNote love it. Maybe you can give it a try?

Something New

Want something with a little more functionality and structure that you can then use to share and present information? Try Microsoft Sway. This is relatively new app, released without much fanfare. It combines the ease of collecting information and the ability to search popular resources such as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr and present research and findings in stunning ways, with the ability to publish as a web page in a simple few clicks.  You can learn more about Microsoft Sway in our Winter edition of our popular magazine Bytesize.

Something Borrowed

How about a project management tool to keep everything and everybody on the same page?

Microsoft Planner works in a very similar way to very popular project management tool, Trello.

You create a project and then assign different columns as the various stages of the project. Within each column you create the tasks via a card which contains the description and the various steps in the form of a to-do list. Other team members can be tasked and even can comment on every card. You can even attach media to the cards, such as images and video.

When you get the buy in from everybody in your team, these tools can be amazing and dramatically improve both productivity and communication, regardless of the location of your team.

If you are just looking to get the best out of the original Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint then you can always come along to our Learning Zone sessions which is open to all.

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