Phishing is completely different to fishing…although the hackers will still try and hook you on a line. Take a look at our terminology for phishing:

    • Phishing – The attempt to access sensitive information such as credit card details, user names and passwords.
    • Spear phishing – An email which may look familiar to you, from a business or an individual. It will in fact be from the same kind of hackers who want your credit card details, user names and passwords
    • Social engineering – Manipulating people into giving sensitive information for the purpose of information gathering, fraud or system access.
    • Malware – A buzz word for intrusive software including computer viruses, Trojan horses and adware.

If you have your own business, these threats can be an obvious and necessary concern. Our Ninjas have devised these simple tips to help you and your staff stay safe:

  • Do not install any software yourself. Let your IT provider do that!
  • Do not open any attachments on emails that you are not expecting. Malware comes in different forms including zip files and Word documents.
  • Only click on links in emails if you are 100% sure of the source.

Your software being looked after, up to date and protected is essential to avoid threats. Your team members also need to be up to date and aware, in order to protect your business. Many businesses still only have basic protection, essentially letting hackers know they are vulnerable and ready to have all their information stolen!

Next week, see our blog post about patching and why it is so important.