Have you seen our fourth Bytesize Magazine yet? 

In June 2018 we released our fourth Bytesize magazine! And it has been working its way around Kent.  

What is Bytesize magazine I hear you asking? Well, it’s a publication, created in house at BCS, showcasing business and IT news in Kent. As a forward-thinking organisation, we realised it isn’t all about us! Every six months, a new edition of Bytesize magazine will be published, meaning you are always up to date with business and IT news in the Kent area. 

Our lovely David Shaw and Jessica Murphy have been working their way around the Kent area and been dropping our amazing magazine off.  

Fourth Bytesize magazine

Our magazine can now be found at the Kent Innovation Centre in Broadstairs as well as your local Your Leisure sport centres – Hartsdown Leisure CentreRamsgate Leisure CentreTides Leisure Centre and Margate Winter Garden. 

You can visit www.bytesize.pub to order your copy online.