How can BCS make my business grow?
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Through the power of IT!

If you’re not sure of how IT is relevant to your business, or how you can utilise technology to better serve your business’ purpose, then why not talk to us?

BCS are one of Kent’s leading MSPs (Managed Service Provider), meaning we can handle your IT infrastructure for you, to allow you to get the best out of the technology your business has. This means you don’t have to spend ages pulling your hair out because something isn’t working. We’ll handle the grunt work for you whilst monitoring and maintaining things for you as well. This allows you to drive forward and increase your business’ presence and subsequent success.


Education is one of our core values and as such, we value knowledge sharing both internally and externally. By offering a wide variety of training resources to our IT support customers as standard, we provide flexibility when it comes to upskilling your staff. After all, they are the lifeblood of your business. We provide tips and tricks that your team can utilise to speed up their productivity, saving you time and money, as well as making your staff feel valued. To find out more about what we do for you in regards to training, head to the ‘Develop Your Staff‘ page of our website.


We keep your business going, regardless of the circumstance. Catastrophe or otherwise, we strive to keep you ticking, which leaves you free to build and grow your empire as you see fit. We employ a variety of backup tools into our product stack, so you can choose to utilise such products if you wish. If you do, you can rest assured that in the worst case scenario, we’ll have your back when it comes to getting you back up and running in as short a time as possible.


Falling victim to a Cybersecurity attack can cripple your business, which is why we value security for our customers so highly. We watch your back and make sure we are up to date with the latest threats, to help better combat them when they try and strike. In alignment with our Education values, we offer Cybersecurity training to all our support customers, to help ensure they have the knowledge to identify threats and share our passion for defeating them. Being able to grow your knowledge on topics like these is never a bad thing.

Up to date technology

As an IT provider, we do of course have a penchant for technology. If we think you’d benefit from a piece of kit that we regard highly, we’ll do so in a friendly and understandable way, so that you can make your own mind up on our recommendation. This means that if you do embrace some of the cutting edge technology we utilise, that you will be using the latest grade technology, allowing your business to flourish and grow as a result. Plus, who doesn’t love something new and shiny!?

Dependable and reliable IT support

Our 15-minute response time means you won’t be left waiting for a resolution or an answer to a problem you may have. We remain transparent and communicate as frequently as possible when it comes to support tickets. Our speed is one of our best assets, and this is reflected in our customer feedback scores. Your business needs to be able to function efficiently, and if there’s a problem, we are only a moment away from grabbing an issue with both hands and giving it our all. We also champion self-learning in our engineer team, which is why they take regular assessments to make sure they’re brains are full of all the information they need to help you out!

Human Touch

Although we are an IT provider, we still make sure that we have a personal touch when it comes to looking after our customers. Whether it be through our Comedy Nights or Ambassador Club, we’re customer first through and through. Rather than hiding behind technology, we like to use it as an enabler to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. We make sure that you can reach us when you need to, and if we need to come to you we will. We don’t shy away!

Peace of mind

We mentioned this a handful of times already, but we alleviate an IT related stress you may have by handling things for you. This allows you breathing space to focus on other areas of your business that you wish to grow further. If you take into consideration all of the above, you can see how much of a benefit we can be to your business. Think of your business as a car and us as the wheels.

If you want to find out how exactly we can help your business grow, you can contact us on 01843 572 600 where we will happy to discuss further.