How Is Your Internet Security?

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No matter what size your organisation is, your IT security should be secure and protected. Sensitive business information can prove an easy target for the web’s growing number of cyber criminals.

Our ninjas have provided some useful tips to help you stay protected and to ensure your devices are secure:

  • Out of date security software – Implementing the latest security software across all of your IT hardware is vitally important. Recent statistics reveal that many companies do not use reliable anti-virus software. To keep your systems clean and free of harmful malware, invest in security software and be sure to carry out regular updates.
  • Lack of basic IT security training – For some businesses that employ a large number of staff, it becomes more difficult to monitor security. Be sure to provide IT security training to all staff to help them stay safe online.
  • Vulnerable mobile action plan – Companies who neglect to implement a secure mobile action plan risk sensitive data being accessed through devices connected to a corporate network. Ask staff to password protect corporate mobile devices.
  • Zero access prevention – Cyber-criminals are more interested in what’s contained in the hardware rather than the hardware itself. Password protect all business devices to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Unsecure Wi-Fi Networks – Some companies set up their wireless so it shows the network name to those nearby. It may sound obvious, but ensure your Wi-Fi is secure and encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.
  • No firewall security – Recent statistics reveal that some organisations do not have firewall security. Installing a firewall provides a solid defence against cyber criminals, malware and viruses.
  • Poor data backup schedule – Sadly, few companies back up their data regularly, which can often result in costly data loss. Regularly back up to ensure your data and sensitive information is protected.

Your in-house IT department or Managed Service Provider (MSP) should have all this taken care of. Our ninjas are friendly and knowledgeable so if you would like any advice or help, call us on 01843 572600 or email