How LinkedIn SlideShare can help your Business Profile

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What is SlideShare?

With the ability to publicly reach over 70 million users at a low to zero cost and with the complete ease of setup for those novice users, SlideShare is one of the must have tools for all business owners and public speakers.

SlideShare is a platform that LinkedIn purchased in 2012, that is used to share presentations, infographics, documents, and videos and over the years has gradually been integrated more closely with LinkedIn. Originally the website was to be used for businesses to share slides among employees within the workplace. However, it has now expanded to accommodate hosting a large number of slides at seminars and workshops. It can be used privately to store your slides and share with select individuals, alternatively, it can be used publicly to share knowledge and expertise with other users. It is not only for PowerPoint, you can also use it for other platforms, including Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format

What are the benefits?

Reaching more people:

The SlideShare network of over 70 million users is separate to that of LinkedIn, therefore you reach your SlideShare audience straight away. Connecting this to your LinkedIn profile will result is reaching a further audience that can enjoy your content. Connecting your SlideShare to your LinkedIn network also means that this audience can then follow you on SlideShare and be notified of any new content you create or upload!

Enhances your LinkedIn Profile:

Not only can you reach a wider audience through connecting your SlideShare to LinkedIn but sharing your content can also make your profile look visually more appealing and reinforce your brand. You can achieve this profile enhancement through your SlideShare content being eye-catching for your audience. You can do this by using your company’s branded colours, logo and a captivating headline. Sharing this information with your LinkedIn network will improve your profile and allow you to demonstrate your expertise to your followers and people drawn to your profile.

Increasing employee/ audience engagement:

Engaging such a large online audience is of course a huge benefit to the use of SlideShare. However, it can also be used a bit more locally, for example, when giving presentations to employees or presenting at conferences and seminars. When presenting, you are able to share with your audience the link to your presentation through SlideShare. This allows the audience to follow your presentation while you are giving it. This gives them the option to save it if they find it relevant and interesting and allows them to share this with their LinkedIn network. This will then result in further engagement on your profile, from an audience you did not have before.


A benefit of using this platform is the ability to obtain insights into your SlideShare through analytics. Analytics in SlideShare allows you to see an overview of your content’s performance. This displays number of views and top shares through different displays such as statistics and graphs. You can then expand this overview to find more specific information. For example, when and from where you get views, where your traffic is coming from and even more specifically your viewership by country.

You are also able to see how people are finding your SlideShares. You can gain insight into your most recent views by viewing the date, time and location these views came from. Analytics gives you the ability to gain insight on the action taken on your SlideShare. This includes comments, likes, downloads, emails and clicks on embedded links. These analytics are all available on the SlideShare platform. However, it also gives you the ability to export the data into Excel for further specified analysis.

Simple to use and setup:

SlideShare is perfect for even the least technical of users. To create the most basic of SlideShares, all that is required is to produce relevant and engaging content. This content allows you to tap into the audience potential. Setup is even easier, simply download the app or visit the website. Here you can enter some brief details, or simply connect your LinkedIn account. Connecting your LinkedIn account will populate all your information for you and ta-da… you’re ready to start!

What are the limitations?

While SlideShare clearly has its many benefits, there are also a couple of limitations. A limitation on the mobile app is that it does not support infographics. A limitation overall is that you cannot use animations and effects in SlideShare. However, you would be able to present using PowerPoint and then use SlideShare to share the content with your audience.

SlideShare is free to download and is available on both Google Play and the App Store or for further information you can check out the website

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