How to Reassure Clients and Prospects you’re a Secure Business

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It can be quite a balancing act to make sure that your business is as secure as it can be and giving your customers and prospects confidence that you are too without bombarding them with information can be challenging. There are some simple and cost-effective ways that you can reassure your clients and prospects that you are a secure business and they can be done very quickly.

Ways you can keep your business Secure

There are several ways you can increase your business security and provide evidence to your clients and prospects to assure them that you are serious about your business security. Here are just some of the ways you can do that.

Gain the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Cyber Essentials Plus is a certification that is government-backed to ensure that businesses like yours are in the strongest place possible from a security aspect. This certification is an assessment of your technology estate that ensures that you are in the best place possible in the event of a cyber-attack was to occur.

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification not only provides you with a certificate at the end, showing you’re secure and in line with government standards, but also helps you identify things to include in your IT strategy; something that your VCIO should implement to ensure you’re at the forefront of security for your business.

Let BCS help you get the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, that you can show to your prospects and clients to make sure they know you’re serious about cybersecurity. Once you’re certified – you’ll get a lovely badge to post on your website and email signature to tell your customers that you’re Cyber Essentials Plus certified!

Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is one of the best ways that you can secure your business from user-based threats. MFA or “Multi-Factor Authentication” is an authentication method that your staff can use to log in to their systems and devices. These methods require a username and password like a standard login; however, they also need another authentication method. This can be in the form of a phone call, text, or even biometrics.

Using MFA can be a massive contribution to ensuring your business is in a secure state and can save you thousands should a cyber-attack come your way. Find out how BCS can help you set up MFA and keep your staff working away, with the extra layer of protection.

Manage your IT Infrastructure

Did you know that Kent businesses are being targeted in 2022, with two-thirds of businesses expecting a cyber-attack in 2022? With most businesses around the world now using computers or some kind of IT infrastructure to push their business into a modern, and more progressive market, making sure you have someone to manage your infrastructure can be a big help when it comes to strengthening your businesses cybersecurity.

Making sure devices are up to date, passwords are changed regularly and passwords are not being left on sticky notes can all play a major part in preventing a breach or cybersecurity attack on your network. BCS can also help here with our managed, 24/7 support team – on hand to help you every step of the way and help you keep your business running securely.

Other Compliance Certifications

Although Cyber Essentials Plus is one of the best certifications you can get as a starting point for cybersecurity, there are other compliance certifications that you may not necessarily need, but should consider getting your IT systems in a more secure state. This could include PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) for card payments or even a GDPR certification that allows your staff to understand the various GDPR regulations that have become major parts of the UK’s data protection laws. Find out more about this through the BCS Learning Zone here.

Why should you be a Secure Business?

There’s no question that over the last few years, cyberattacks and ransomware have become a massive issue for SMEs and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Becoming a secure business shows your prospects and customers that you are serious about keeping your business, your staff, and your customers’ information safe and secure no matter what happens.

In 2022, the average cost for a company to recover from a cyberattack is $1.4 million according to WEF. Not only this, but you could also lose trust and reputation which could cost your business even more in the long run, and maybe even into an irrecoverable loss.

All in all…

Making sure your business is secure in general should be at the forefront of your business operations. Getting certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus or implementing a safe MFA plan in your business will not only help your business gain new business but will also keep your staff and business safe and secure. Find out more about how BCS can help you uplift your cybersecurity today by contacting our team here.

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