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Are you looking for blog post ideas? Would you like some direction to inspire your blog post writing?

Although it may be challenging to come up with new blog post ideas, there is a lot you can write about. Here are some ideas to inspire your next blog post:

  • Answer common questions – All organisations, regardless of their industry, have their own frequently asked questions. Write a blog post to answer either a number of questions or focus on one. You can also incorporate the questions in the blog post titles.
  • Feature your staff members – Help customers and prospects get to know the ‘who’ behind your brand, by featuring your team. This will strengthen the connection between customers and your business. Be sure to include the employee’s photograph.
  • Educate customers – If you feel like your industry is not exciting enough to blog about, then think again! People constantly search the internet for information on a huge range of topics – let your content be the blog post they read.
  • Create ‘top’ lists – People love lists. Lists assemble a lot of information into one place. Incorporate links to your products or services, website pages or previously published blog posts into your lists.
  • Create Q&A content on relevant subjects – Q&A posts change up your typical blog post content, while providing a more personal angle on your business, brand or industry. You could interview an employee, a happy customer or provide useful Q&A’s for topics that your existing customers ask about.
  • Make an announcement – It is important to limit promotional content on your blog, just as it is important to limit your promotional content on social media. However, a blog post is a great way to share company news or achievements. A great example would be if your organisation received accreditations or certifications – make some noise about it!
  • Never get stuck again! – Create a content calendar (using an Excel spreadsheet as an example) and when you have a good idea for a blog post, add it in there. Soon enough, you will have lots of ideas for blog posts!


Found this useful? You can either save or print out this PDF – it may come in handy! – Ideas To Inspire Your Next Blog Post PDF