Increase Efficiency in Your Day Through a Simple Copy and Paste
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Copy & Pasting is arguably one of the more common shortcuts that people are aware of when flexing their technology muscles! Achievable by either using the right-click menu, or the Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts respectively, copying & pasting is a liberating method when it comes to moving content between almost any program on your computer. Over time this method has evolved, and we are now lucky enough to have plenty of options when it comes to dictating how we move content from one program to another.

Once you’ve selected, highlighted and/or copied the content you wish to copy, you have some options. You can either go ahead a paste and fix the results post-haste, or alternatively you can use a precise and efficient tool – paste options. This will work well for those that prefer right-clicking.

Select the area you wish to paste your content in and then right click. You’ll then be presented with the usual context menu, with some additional options. This will be dependent on the type of content you’ve copied, but you will have plenty of options regardless of what you are pasting. In this example, we’ll copy from Excel to Word.

I’ve firstly copied the cells from Excel, and now have switched back to Word. Once you right click, underneath the Copy option you should now see a list of Paste Options with a variety of icons.

Here is a breakdown of the options you should expect:

Keep Source Formatting

This will copy the content and keep its formatting in terms of the font, text colour, and borders, etc.

Use Destination Styles

This will copy the content again, but this time it will combine the content with the existing formatting in the document you are pasting to.

Link & …

The “Link &” options allow you to do one of the two options above with the added functionality of having the content update automatically between the documents. In this example where I’m copying from Excel, if I update the data in Excel, it will update in word too.


This pastes your copied content simply as a picture, giving you the ability to the then freely move and format the picture as you see fit…

Keep Text Only

This useful option makes copying text easy without the need to go back through it with a fine-tooth comb to adjust formatting. This option simply copies just the text.

It’s worth reiterating that this is simply an example, as you will find the paste options are contextual to the item(s) you are copying. For instance, if you had copied an image, you wouldn’t be able to Paste: Keep Text Only as it’s not text!

You can see how versatile the options are here, and it really transforms the way you work between documents and programs. Not only is it a crucial time saving tool but can make the difference between a slick document and one plagued with inconsistencies.

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