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Increase your social reach

When you work hard to produce and share great content, you want people to see it. We are happy to share some tips we have found that can help your content break through and reach more of your followers, across all of your social networks.

First things first: What is reach?

When discussing reach, it’s important to distinguish between potential reach and actual reach, as they tend to be vastly different numbers. Essentially, how far do your tweets and posts reach through the content you post?

Potential reach

Potential reach is the audience your content can potentially reach based on total follower count. For instance, if you have 264 Twitter followers, your potential reach would be 264.

twActual reach

The actual reach of your post is usually a lot lower than your potential reach. This number tells you how many people actually saw your post in their Twitter timeline or Facebook news feed, for example. You can see this data in your analytics section in Facebook and Twitter.

Do you want more people to see your social media posts? Read on for some of our best tips on increasing your reach:

  1. Prioritise your social media platformsResearch what social media platforms your ideal customer and similar industries use. This is a great exercise to see what social media platforms are being used, so you know where to share your content and start building valuable relationships.
  2. Optimise your social profiles This includes choosing an easily identifiable username, uploading a recognisable photo (like your company logo), including clear and concise descriptions of your business, and leading people back to your website with a trackable link.
  3. Promote your social presence…everywhereAnd by everywhere, we mean everywhere: On various pages of your website, on your blog, in print advertising, on your business cards and in your email marketing messages. Many social media sites now have official “Follow” buttons you can include on your website and blog. That way, people can start following you with a single click — without ever having to leave your website or blog.
  4. Share valuable, useful contentMake sure your tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates consist of valuable, useful, and engaging content. Avoid product-focused content, and instead, aim for social updates that contain educational content that has the potential to attract followers. When in doubt, use the 80/20 rule: 80% of the content you post to social media should be helpful and valuable to your audience, and 20% can be self-promotional.
  5. Follow and build relationships with people in your industrySocial media is a great way to find and follow leaders in your industry, which can include both people and other brands that are creating great content related to your industry (and aren’t a direct competitor, obviously).

Did you find this information useful? Download or print out our PDF, it may come in handy! Increase Your Social Reach PDF

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