Increasing Efficiency on Your Desktop

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It can often be difficult to refine your working day to improve your efficiency and reach the level of productivity you wish to achieve. Throughout the day, we all receive a multitude of emails and documents that you just wish would be streamlined into an effortless flow of work. Adjusting to working from home is also a bit of a transition for many. So to be able to mitigate some of these bombardments and help hone in on the task at hand can be a game changer. There are plenty of tools out there can help you in your quest for work zen.


Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that allows you to back up files and folders online. It’s great if you want to keep a copy of your work and/or be able to access it remotely across devices. OneDrive keeps all your data synced and up to date, so you can start working on one device and pick up where you left off on another. It can be set to automatically back items up for you, so in case of disaster, you’ll always have a copy of your work available.


It’s unfortunate, but spam email is everywhere. Occasionally you’ll need to handle emails like this from within Outlook, so by right-clicking and selecting send to junk, you can banish unnecessary emails.

Block Sender

Another useful feature that can be found in the ‘junk’ option of Outlook is to ‘block sender’. If you are receiving any emails from a sender you no longer wish to receive communication on, simply right click, hover your mouse over the ‘junk’ option, and select ‘block sender’.


Similar to ridding yourself of Junk nonsense, the ability to unsubscribe within Outlook is fantastic, as it saves jumping through the many hoops that often occur when you simply want to stop receiving marketing emails.


In the very bottom right hand corner of Windows 10, you’ll see a speech bubble icon. This corresponds to the notification area of your PC. It can often be worth checking this area for important messages. If your PC has an error, or your OneDrive stops syncing for example, all the messages with the information you need can be found here.

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