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We hosted our ‘Lunch & Learn’ event on Friday, 30th September, here at our main office in Ramsgate. Our third session was titled ‘A Beginners Guide to Blogging’ and it certainly was a popular session!


David Shaw led the Lunch and Learn, with a mixture of existing customers and Kent based business owners.

Each event is an informal networking opportunity, with lunch included and a short presentation that will help with your understanding of business, technology and marketing. Our ‘Lunch & Learn’ events take place over lunchtime and are completely free of charge for both our customers and other Kent based business owners to attend.


Would you like to attend our next ‘Lunch & Learn’ event? Call Amanda or David on 01843 572600 or email We would love to see you here!

Missed the event but would like our free ‘Introduction to Blogging eBook? Call Amanda or David on 01843 572600 or email