Keeping Customer Data Safe: Best Practises for Maintaining Your Reputation


As every accountant knows, professional reputations grow on trust. Therefore, it’s vital to safeguard one’s business standing to keep it intact. Unfortunately, computer disasters and data losses tend to swipe away that all-important confidence. That’s why accountancy professionals need to prevent the loss of client and business information.

Working closely with a competent IT provider is essential to keeping your digital infrastructure safe, secure and running smoothly – for both staff and clients. Continue reading to learn about some of the key areas that we can support to maintain the reputation of your accountancy business.

Vendor management

Working with an IT provider that understands the specific needs of your Acountancy business is key to managing data effectively. We understand that leading accounting softwares such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks are vital to your business – so they should be consistently working and on the latest version. Vendor Management means you will no longer need to take charge of unexpected, stressful IT issues or risk disastrous incidents -including the loss of your customer data and reputation.

GDPR compliance

There is no doubt that fraudsters continue to become more innovative in their ruses, so protecting systems and data against privacy breaches is vital. Serious incidents might threaten the very survival of an enterprise.

With us as your reliable and knowledgeable IT service partner, you can count on a holistic solution that stays on top of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation*) and new legislation. Existing and prospective new clients alike will notice your proactive approach to security and compliance with the law. As a result, they will feel much more comfortable entrusting your accountancy practice with their personal and financial details.

Strong defences

Cybersecurity threats exist in various guises. Common scams such as phishing or identity theft can result in lost data following unapproved access to hard disks, cloud storage and bank or credit card accounts.

Given that resilience and security are crucial, where does one start? Broadly, the priorities are to:

  • Prevent unauthorised access to client information
  • Safeguard your business data
  • Protect your firm’s assets, including bank accounts

To achieve the above prerogatives, accounting IT systems should have a disaster recovery plan, robust email vigilance, multi-factor authentication and up-to-date protection against viruses and malware.

Back up and recovery planning

Unfortunately, backup automation and other defensive measures such as off-site or cloud copies often end up on the back burner, primarily due to time constraints and work pressure. However, UK statistics show that data losses can threaten businesses’ very existence. Six out of ten SMEs that lose their digital records face closure within six months.

It is simply not worth risking the viability of your business or the integrity of client data, whether due to a server failure, malevolent action or theft. Crippling losses can also arise from malware, ransomware, user error, DOS attacks and SQL injections by expert hackers.

Want to maintain your accountancy business’ well-established reputation?

Secure back-office systems and contingency planning are essential for today’s professional accountants. Additionally, protecting confidential client records is vital in maintaining a good reputation. To discuss protecting your client and business data, either fill out the contact form below or give our IT experts a call on 0800 6521 365.